Hi, I am Michelle, the founder , owner and visionary of Jia Corp T/A Jia Life. A 3 tier company to bring the healing hands of nature back to our very busy, toxic and stressed lives.

As a young therapist my thesis was based on the healing properties of essential oils and the human touch. My passion has always been with the benefits that plants, herbs and essential oils play on the human body , mind and spirit. This along with the use of alternative massage and therapies to create a balanced, healthy wellness and stress free body. The power of positive touch is irreplaceable and much needed in our current technology saturated lives. We all need a human, compassionate hand to sooth our trembling minds a warm healing touch to sooth a pain or just a hug as a gift.

When I qualified my Esthetician and physiatrics course  in 1999, I started as a novice therapist. Working at the then known Beatitude clinic. I gained sound, irreplaceable knowledge and life skills dealing with overweight, unhappy and general people needing some TLC. Dealing with people and there unbalanced bodies/hormones skin problems was made easy when my mentor Sharon the owner was of great inspiration to me and was a springboard to my love for people, essential oils and therapy.  I then found myself at Therabeautic spa in Sandton. Sandy took me under her wing and again my love for the therapy grew. Moving to Cape Town was rewarding and had its fair share of challenges and I had the privilege to work at Blaauwberg health spa run by Ellie Lawrence. My new mentor and still a dear friend. Ilona then swooped me up and I started a rent a room at His and Hers slimming clinic.

To wrap it all up over 12 years in the industry along with more than 10 years in the corporate industry, has given me sound foundation where people still matter and servicing them is my pleasure and great reward. This journey has been so awesome and all the knowledge gained will aid in the success of my new venture and ultimately the happiness of all my new clients.

Our mission

We believe that Jia Corp and its subsidiaries, Jia Life and Jia online should be accessible, affordable and convenient for all our client’s. Our aim is to bring the tranquil essence of nature back to our client’s , through professional therapeutic treatments and pure natural and organic products.

Our philosophy

We at Jia Life believe, nature knows best and our bodies are designed to heal themselves when in balance. We strive to bring this to our clients and to educate them to bring balance and harmony to their own lives , friends and families. I have chosen the holistic path, which means looking at prevention and the possible causes of illness rather than attempting to simply solve the symptoms. Building long-lasting personal and business relationships with all of our clients, along with partnering with world-class professional local and international companies, We consistently strive to deliver natural treatments tailored to each individual’s needs and desires , as well as deliver new product innovations with great customer service and professional excellence.

Our products can be applied in different ways to treat different conditions, body parts or simply for strengthening and purification of the human body –  inside and outside!  

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