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Ozone steam bath​

What is an ozone steam bath?

A common way to describe the combination of Ozone and Steam bath Therapy.  Activated oxygen / Ozone, is introduced into a special steam bath cabinet where it is then absorbed transdermally (across the skin) of the client. Along with the inhalation of medical oxygen.

The result is a health effect on the occupant that with Ozone and Anion light therapy ultimately combines the detoxifying power of ozone, while rejuvenating the skin and stimulating healthy cell growth effects of both Ozone and Steam bath Therapy. Hyperthermia is also known to fight disease and is therefore a great combination treatment to treat cancer and other well known diseases.

How ozone can benefit you

  • Enhancement of blood circulation
  • Detoxification (Purifies blood & lymphatic system)
  • Strengthens the immune system and oxygen metabolism
  • Helps to relieve stress and muscle tension (by reducing buildup of lactic acid & increasing muscle flexibility )
  • Helps to reduce cellulite
  • Accelerates wound healing (Stimulates vasodilatation of peripheral blood vessels, thereby accelerating healing) therefore Helps with skin infections
  • Kills bacteria, viruses, yeast, protozoa, mold & fungi
  • Increases production of collagen and cartilage
  • Disrupts malignant tumor metabolism
  • Reduces inflammation & pain
  • Excretes heavy metals
  • Normalizes hormone & enzyme production
  • Improves brain function
  • Excellent free radical scavenger
  • Oxidizes toxins so they can be eliminated through skin, lungs, kidneys and colon
  • Speeds up metabolic processes of inner organs and endocrine glands, resulting in a loss of 200-450 calories in a 20-minute session
  • Reduces clumping of red blood cells, thus reducing viscosity of blood that leads to buildup of arterial plaque
  • Changes carbon monoxide (CO) – the worse free radical in the body – into essential carbon dioxide (CO2).

Things to remember

Ozone should not be inhaled. All antioxidants and other dietary supplements should be given two hours or more before or after the ozone treatment. Vitamin c should be 4 hours before or after.

Oxygen therapy​

What is oxygen therapy?

Oxygen, a gas found in the air we breathe, is necessary for human life. Some people with breathing disorders can’t get enough oxygen naturally. They may need supplemental oxygen, or oxygen therapy. People who receive oxygen therapy often see improved energy levels and sleep, and better quality of life. Medical oxygen is administered through breathing cannulas during our treatments.

How it can benefit you?

Allow you to be more active and mobile by decreasing shortness of breath. It also can significantly improve quality of life, and in many cases extend life expectancy.

Oxygen therapy can also reduce symptoms such as:

  • headaches
  • irritability
  • fatigue
  • swollen ankles

Oxygen therapy can help the growth and development of children who have chronic lung conditions. It can also lessen symptoms such as headaches caused by low oxygen levels, and behavioral changes or problems

Things to remember

Normal levels of arterial blood oxygen are between 75 and 100 mmHg (millimeters of mercury). An oxygen level of 60 mmHg or lower indicates the need for supplemental oxygen. Too much oxygen can be dangerous as well, and can damage the cells in your lungs. Your oxygen level should not go above 110 mmHg.

Aromatherapy treatments

What is Aromatherapy?

A holistic healing art which uses the essential oils or phytochemicals extracted from various plants, roots and bark of trees to promote a healthy body full of vitality and serenity of mind and spirit.

How Aromatherapy can benefit you

  • Reduce anxiety,
  • Ease depression, boost energy levels, speed up the healing process, eliminate headaches, boost cognitive performance, induce sleep, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain, improve digestion and increase circulation

Things to remember

Always dilute essential oils before application to the skin. Use oils sparingly if pregnant specially in the first trimester.
Stay out of the sun after a massage.


What is reflexology?

A complimentary therapy by applying pressure techniques to the feet , hands , face and ears to stimulate specific reflexes that mirror the anatomical arrangement of the organs and glands in the body. Pressure sensors in the feet communicate instantly with the brain, internal organs and other parts of the body.

How reflexology can benefit you

  • Improve circulation to vital organs, therefore promoting a quicker healing and regrowth of any damaged cells and toxin removal.
  • Releases blockages of lymph and helps in promoting relaxation and treating depression.

Things to remember

There is no quick fix. A change in lifestyle and continuous awareness is required to see any positive changes.
We can not cure but assist in restoring balance to individual’s body promoting the bodies own healing hub.


Benefits of a Facials

  • Clean, purify pores
  • Steam compress to heat and soften stubborn debris
  • Exfoliate, remove dead skin
  • Extract to remove comedon’s and milia
  • Mask, sooth/hydrate skin
  • Massage increase collagen and elasticity
  • Treatment
  • Tone, mild astringent that refines pores
  • Moisturize , hydrate and protect
  • Solar defense, protect and keep skin’s even tone.

Galvanic treatment

Benefits of galvanic treatment

It benefits the same way a face lift benefits the skin;
Often referred to as “non-surgical face lift.” Wrinkles are made smooth and muscles are tightened. Blood circulation is increased, which in turn nourishes the cells of the skin. It increases your skin’s capacity to absorb nutrients. Lymph drainage is advanced by the toxin removal effect thereof.

High frequency treatment

Benefits of high frequency treatment

Help treat and prevent stubborn acne, by reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, shrink enlarged pores, reduces puffy eyes, fade dark eye circles. It even rejuvenate the condition of the scalp and nourish hair follicles for healthier hair.

Hot stone therapy

A treatment using heated stones of various sizes to massage and for trigger point placement.

It’s used to help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body.

Sound Therapy

Sound healing is also known as a Sound Bath. Being bathed in: Sound, Soothing warm Steam and Anti-bacterial Ozone from head to toe whilst in my Ozone pod and tranquil, healing Safe Space.

The science behind sound is that every cell in our body vibrates at a certain frequency (Hz). By matching the ideal frequency with Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls and gongs we clear all dis-ease from body & mind.

The sound stimulates our circulation and immune system, cleanses our energy meridians, and helps to release emotions stored in our body.

Micro Needling & Mesotherapy

A microneedle stamp treatment is typically applied directly to an area of wrinkled, damaged, or uneven skin, targeting the tissue for natural healing through collagen production. You simply allow the microneedles to puncture the skin

I combine micro needling stamping with Mesotherapy as I use high quality ampules to feed, nourish and soothe the dermis. Mesotherapy is a technique that uses injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts to rejuvenate and tighten skin, encourage hair growth as well as remove excess fat. It is used by aestheticians to help regenerate, firm skin and treat hyperpigmentation. Also used to treat Alopecia (hair loss)

While Botox prevents wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles, mesotherapy works to nourish the skin, layer by layer.

For skin pigmentation issues, mesotherapy is also an ideal option.

Ultrasonic cellulite treatment

Benefits of Ultrasonic cellulite treatment

A simple procedure that relies on sound waves to flush fat from the body instead of intensive surgery
low-frequency sound waves (they’re what put the “ultrasonic” in “ultrasonic cellulite”) and, in some cases, light suction. This process heats and vibrates the layer of fat cells below the skin’s surface. The pressure eventually causes the fat cells to liquefy and release their contents into the bloodstream. The body is then able to process these fatty acids through its proverbial waste-disposal plant: the lymphatic system.

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