No Grow-Male body hair remover & growth inhibitor


Permanent body hair remover in a tube for males.


No Grow Hair Removal System is a topically applied cream that replicates the process of male pattern baldness whereby deactivating the hair root itself.


– Permanent hair removal
– Easy at home application
– Works on all hair types and pigmentation (even blonde and grey)
– Works on all skin types and pigmentation
– Does not cause hyperpigmentation
– Gentle on skin
– Safe to use over tattoos
– The NO Grow Guarantee

No Grow reduces the concentration of nutrients at the base of the follicle – the place where hair growth starts. This causes miniaturization of the root so that the hair becomes progressively thinner and softer. With continual use, the hair ceases to grow and the result is smooth, hair-free skin.

No Grow Male Body Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor is a gentle and easy way to eliminate unwanted body hair. This unique formula neutralizes the hair roots to reduce future growth.

No Grow works on all hair colours, skin and hair types with no risk of hyperpigmentation or burning.

Note: We recommend pairing this product with the No Grow Soothing Gel, especially if you have sensitive skin.

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